Julie Wilson Sculptures


“If it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for anyone else!”

I’m sure that this is what every artist feels and thinks and so it goes for me.  It’s what gets us through the days when it just won’t work, when it doesn’t feel right, when you seem to be going down a blind alley.  And it’s no good looking at what you’ve done in the past if the piece in front of you isn’t right, but then with perseverance it clicks and you’re off; “I’ve still got it” you smile to yourself.

It’s been a strange path from winning awards for men’s fashion through designing children’s wear to my studio and kiln, but it is the most rewarding part of my career by far and here I am after 25 years of sculpting in clay doing the work I love, making art that is classically realistic, yet a style of my own.

It’s certainly not “contemporary”, but after all there’s nothing wrong with that as I’m not either!


You can see some of my work at these galleries and on their websites.  I will be exhibiting this year at the Global Birdfair at Rutland Showground, Oakham and at the Art in Clay shows at Windsor Royal Racecourse and in Farnham at the Maltings. I am also a Partner Wildlife Artist with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Iona House Gallery

Iona House Gallery is a large, established contemporary gallery. Woodstock, Oxfordshire

Forrest Framing Gallery

The Forrest Framing Gallery is a small independent gallery. Uppingham, Rutland.

Dotty Gallery

The Dotty Gallery is an art gallery which displays and deals in a range of different works of art. Twyford, near Melton, Leicestershire.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

A highly effective wildlife conservation charity. Wildlife foundation charity online shop.

Art in Clay Farnham

Art in Clay Farnham is a smaller indoor event held in the lead up to Christmas – a good place to pick up a unique hand made gift. Farnham, Surrey.

Global Birdfair

The Gobal Birdfair Art Exhibition will be at the Rutland Showground, Oakham from 15 – 17 July 2022.


My prices range from £60 – £100 for small pieces such as Dormouse and Leveret; £290 for medium-sized pieces such as Hares; and £300 – £400 for the large pieces like the African Wild Dogs and Ostrich Heads.

If you would like to commission a piece please contact me. I’ll have a go at anything so if there’s something special you want we’ll discuss how I can make it for you. Dogs tend to be the most common commissions and prices range from £450 for a small 30cm high dog and £600 for a larger 45cm high dog.


Please call or email me if there is anything that you are interested in or if you simply want to have a browse round the small gallery next to my studio in Great Easton, Leicetershire – we’ll follow correct social distancing and view by appointment only. 

Phone Number

01536 770912