Julie Wilson Sculptures


As a child I was obsessed with drawing horses and faces, especially the eyes. I find there is just something mystical and soulful that I love to try and capture. I would draw them constantly; little knowing then that years later I would be making my living as an animal sculptor. I studied Fashion at Loughborough College of Art learning tailoring and pattern cutting skills, which led to a job designing children’s wear. When I took up a chance to try “pottery” after my third child was born, mainly as it came with a creche, I discovered an art form that allowed me to express myself and focus my talents to portray the individual characters and features of animals. Gradually, with encouragement and guidance from masters of this art my work developed, and I continue to strive to improve and bring a unique quality to what I do. I like to think that there is a bit of me in all of them.

Based in Leicestershire my work is inspired by my surroundings, be it through walks in the countryside, safaris or trips to the zoo; the only way to get to know an animal is to get up close. This can be tricky in the wild and I have been known to freeze frame the TV if I see something special. Before starting any new piece I always draw on these experiences for inspiration; a twitch of the nose or a tilt of the head that can be captured in clay to show their personalities. 

I want my pieces to be owned and loved by people as much as I love them.


You can see some of my work at these galleries and on their websites.  I exhibit each year at the Birdfair at Rutland Water and at Art in Clay in Farnham. I am also a Partner Wildlife Artist with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Rutland Birdfair

Rutland Birdfair Art Exhibition. This year’s Birdfair has sadly been cancelled.

Old House Gallery

The Old House Gallery is an art gallery which displays and deals in a range of different works of art. Oakham, Rutland.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

A highly effective wildlife conservation charity. Wildlife foundation charity online shop.

Ingleby Gallery

Ingleby Gallery sits gently in the Trent Valley, with some of the hamlet’s cottages dating back to the 16th century. Ingleby, Derbyshire

Art in Clay Farnham

Art in Clay Farnham is a smaller indoor event held in the lead up to Christmas – a good place to pick up a unique hand made gift. Farnham, Surrey.

Iona House Gallery

Iona House Gallery is a large, established contemporary gallery. Woodstock, Oxfordshire


My prices range from £60 – £100 for small pieces such as Dormouse and Leveret; £220 for medium sized pieces such as Hares; and £260 – £330 for the large pieces like the African Wild Dogs and Ostrich Heads.

If you would like to commission a piece please contact me. I’ll have a go at anything so if there’s something special you want we’ll discuss how I can make it for you. Dogs tend to be the most common commissions and prices range from £350 for a small 30cm high dog and £450 for a larger 45cm high dog.


Please call or email me if there is anything that you are interested in or if you simply want to have a browse round the small gallery next to my studio in Great Easton, Leicetershire – when circumastances allow. In the meantime I am producing a virtual gallery tour to be loaded onto this site.

Phone Number

01536 770912